Sarah Lynch is a news editor in New York City. She has extensive experience in news and international reporting. 

Sarah lived in the Middle East—Egypt, Lebanon and Israel—for seven years. She was News Editor in Vocativ's foreign bureau in Tel Aviv and previously a Cairo-based correspondent covering Egypt and the region for USA TODAY, The Christian Science Monitor and other outlets. 

Her work has been published in The International Herald Tribune/, The Globe and Mail, Foreign Policy, GlobalPost and other publications.

As a correspondent, Sarah's work focused on political movements, regional security, human rights, economic distress and education in Egypt and across the Middle East. She covered the ousters of two Egyptian presidents, reported from the frontlines of Libya's civil war and told the stories of people navigating the chaotic aftermaths of the 2011 Arab uprisings.

As a News Editor overseas, Sarah assigned, wrote and edited U.S. and international news stories with a focus on core verticals including national security, technology and culture. 

Sarah recently returned to New York City, where she is News Editor at

In addition to text, Sarah has experience across mediums—shooting and editing video, writing news package scripts and field producing. She also has experience with data visualizations and thrives in a fast-paced news environment.